Pedestrian Accident Victims

Abogadoen Georgia dem Accidentes Peatonales

Proven Georgia Lawyer for Pedestrian Accident Victims

Our Atlanta law firm has a clear, established strength in advocacy for seriously injured accident victims. If you or a loved one has been hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian — or on a bicycle — we are well prepared to handle every aspect of your insurance claim and potential personal injury lawsuit.

A thorough accident investigation can be critical to maximizing the compensation you can receive for medical expenses, lost wages and other consequences of your accident. We encourage you to contact us now, so that we can provide any reassurance possible and begin taking key steps that may include:

  • Reviewing the police report, locating and contacting witnesses, and otherwise building the strongest case possible to demonstrate liability for your pedestrian accident injuries
  • Determining all possible sources of recovery for you, including the offending driver's liability insurance and coverage of your own that may apply
  • Taking over dealings with insurance company representatives and other parties involved to ensure all your rights are preserved and you can focus on your own health and family

A Proven Negotiator and Courtroom Advocate for Victims of Serious Injury

We know that, for obvious reasons, your injuries as a pedestrian accident victim may be catastrophic or disabling in nature. Caring, experienced attorney Scott A. Hart has many years of experience interpreting complex medical diagnoses, working with physicians and quantifying the costs of long-term care you may need for:

  • A back or spinal cord injury, including paralysis
  • A serious neck injury requiring surgery, extensive physical therapy, and other treatments
  • A traumatic brain or head injury
  • Chronic pain conditions including Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) — often resulting in overwhelming medical costs and inability to work for an extended time period or even a lifetime

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After a pedestrian accident virtually anywhere in Georgia, you can turn to us for an honest case evaluation and prompt, decisive action on your behalf. Whether you suffered injury in a crosswalk, while jogging, or under any other circumstances — or you need to consider a wrongful death action after losing a family member — we will engage with you personally and focus intently on your case. You will owe no attorney fees whatsoever unless we take on your case and obtain compensation for you by settlement or a verdict at trial.