Chronic Pain: CRPS or RSD

An uncommon pain condition called complex regional pain syndrome can occur in people who have suffered a severe trauma to arms, legs, hands, or feet. This condition is also sometimes called reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or complex regional pain disorder (CRPD). It can occur with a crushing type injury or after fractures. Even a sprained ankle can sometimes cause the chronic pain of CRPS.

The main symptom of complex regional pain syndrome is intense chronic pain that seems out of proportion to the injury that has caused it. It can be a burning pain, an increase in skin sensitivity or changes in skin tone, swelling and stiffness in the joints, and decreased mobility. Pain that started in one small area can spread to cover the entire arm or leg.

If you recently suffered a traumatic injury (such as in a car accident, a truck accident or a construction site accident) and you are experiencing intense, lasting pain although your injuries seem to have healed, you may have CRPS. Because this chronic pain condition can be lasting, it's particularly important to consider the lasting effect that pain may have in your life when bringing a personal injury case.

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Chronic pain is not well understood. Many CRPS/RSD sufferers see a number of doctors before they receive a correct diagnosis. We help our injured clients access medical experts who can give them a proper diagnosis and explain treatment options.

A second challenge is getting approval for medical care and compensation for injuries. Attorney Scott Hartwill work closely with your doctors to demonstrate the extent of the disability when seeking compensation in chronic pain cases for:

  • Medical expenses and future treatment
  • Lost wages if the person cannot return to work
  • Pain and suffering

If other lawyers have refused to take your pain seriously, contact the Hart Law Firm of Atlanta, Georgia. We can help you get the help and financial compensation you need.

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