Atlanta Georgia Attorneys for Victims of Catastrophic Injuries and Paralysis

Words cannot express what you may be coping with as an individual facing paraplegia or quadriplegia — or as a family member living through this with your loved one. Although you may see others overcoming this extraordinary hardship and challenge, the prospect of dealing with the costs and adversity is understandably daunting.

It is incredibly important to have a trustworthy lawyer on your side if someone else played a role in causing your paralysis, or if the injury occurred at work. You will be able to talk to veteran attorney Scott A. Hart about all your potential needs, and benefit from the insight of a caring professional who has helped many others recover needed compensation for paralysis and other catastrophic injuries.

Count on Our Firm to Envision and Work Toward the Best Future for You

Our firm is absolutely dedicated to workers' compensation and personal injury law. We provide empathetic counsel for victims of horrific injuries including paralysis, disfigurement and amputation. From your free initial consultation forward, you will feel cared for and know that every legal avenue that can make a difference for you is being pursued. Our experience and reputation for integrity leads to a track record of success obtaining compensation for:

  • Specific, functional adaptive transportation
  • Lifelong care and productive rehabilitation
  • Living and moving expenses if necessary to put you or your loved one in a situation that enables maximum quality of life

Our experience extends across the full scope of workers' compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits — construction site accidents, car accidents, falls and more. We have both the medical understanding and connections to proven resources for helping you make a workable plan for the future.

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If you or a family member has suffered any form of crippling injury, including paralysis, we want you to have dedicated legal representation from someone who cares what happens in the future and will follow through on every aspect of your claim.

For a free consultation and engaged, focused service no matter what your long-term needs, please contact us today. You will take no financial risk whatsoever, because we charge no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining compensation for you.