Motorcycle Accident Victims

Determined Lawyer for Georgia Motorcycle Accident Victims

The aftermath of a motorcycle or scooter accident can be a major or even lifelong ordeal. Some injuries may be severe or life-threatening and require immediate treatment; others may manifest themselves later, persist or worsen over time. Protecting all your rights is critical, and respected personal injury attorney Scott A. Hart can be a dedicated advocate for you.

We urge you to contact us as soon as possible after a motorcycle or other roadway accident. We offer a free consultation and, after helping ensure you are getting the medical care you need, we are equipped to:

  • Investigate to ensure police reports, insurance claims and other records contain an accurate accounting of the collision or crash
  • Provide the informed guidance you need — based on well over a decade of experience handling vehicle accident claims and litigation in the Atlanta area — to protect your rights to full insurance benefits and other compensation
  • Determine all potential sources of recovery for you and negotiate assertively with your own and other insurance companies, while preparing to file suit if necessary

Diligence in Investigation, Case-Building and Strong Advocacy for You

At the Hart Law Firm, we support your rights on the road as a motorcycle or scooter operator. Too often, another driver's claim that he or she simply could not see a cyclist leads to complications in the claim-and-recovery process. We will be honest in evaluating your case and relentless in pursuing the compensation you deserve after a motorcycle or scooter accident.

Our experience extends from serious but manageable injuries to those — unfortunately common for cycle wreck victims — that require a long recovery or can result in permanent disability. Whether your motorcycle or scooter wreck caused a head injury, broken bones, back or neck injuries, or severe road rash, we know how to document all consequences and build your case for maximum compensation. We also handle wrongful death claims and litigation with determination and sensitivity.

Free Case Evaluation and No Attorney Fees Unless You Receive Compensation

The road to recovery after a crash can be a long one for any biker, but putting the right lawyer on your side can give you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on that recovery. To speak free with a balanced, caring personal injury lawyer ready to begin the fight for your future, simply call or e-mail us today.