Toxic Mold

Atlanta, GA Lawyers at Hart Law Firm Litigate for Clients Dealing with Toxic Mold

Buying or renting a home can be a stressful experience: you never know what may be lurking beneath a seemingly safe and clean surface. However, a growing problem in many homes has been the silent killer: toxic mold, also called “Sick Building Syndrome,” an insidious and often unrecognized toxin that can make people very sick without their knowing the cause.

Toxic Mold Litigation Attorneys

Finding toxic mold in your home may lead to litigation if clean up either wasn't done properly, or wasn’t completed by professionals in a timely fashion. Your landlord, the previous owner, the construction company or an insurance company can be liable for damage to your health and your home.

Contact the Hart Law Firm Immediately if suspect toxic mold.

Contact mold litigation lawyers at Atlanta’s Hart Law Firm; we deal aggressively and efficiently to protect your rights and we have the necessary experience to litigate due to toxic mold issues. We can effectively negotiate with difficult insurance companies, possess extensive knowledge of real estate issues, and are not afraid to take your case to trail to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

You need to file a lawsuit

Many homeowners’ insurance policies contain a "Mold Exclusion" clause, which will require you to file a lawsuit within a year of discovering toxic mold. And all states have statutes of limitation that require you to file a lawsuit within a short time after discovering the problem, which is typically between one and three years. If you suspect or have discovered toxic mold in your home, it is vitally important that you contact a Georgia attorney who has experience dealing with toxic mold issues, real estate law, and insurance law.

The attorneys at the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta Georgia have the necessary experience and work diligently for their clients to get the compensation they require to recover the costs of:

  • Illness
  • Property inspection
  • Structure Repair
  • Ruined household items replacement
  • Housing expenses during repairs
  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Emotional distress

Coming to terms with an insurance company about the damages that need to be paid can take a long time, and sometimes the insurance company insists that damage caused by mold is “excluded” under the insurance policy.

This is not a Do It Yourself Project

Don’t deal with this alone. Contact a qualified, Georgia lawyer who will help you protect your most valuable assets: your home and your health. Contact Atlanta’s Hart Law Firm today at (770) 450-1209 to evaluate your toxic mold case and get the compensation your due.