Case Results

Workers Compensation:

  • $320,000.00 - 57 year old female suffered bilateral cubital tunnel syndrome that developed into complex regional pain syndrome
  • $180,000.00 - 38 year old female suffered herniated disc treated surgically
  • $150,000.00- 63 year old male door man for a hotel suffered a severe knee injury requiring surgical intervention
  • $110,000.00 - 37 year old female suffered herniated disc treated surgically
  • $106,250.00 -38 year old female factory worker suffered bilateral shoulder injury, back sprain, and depression.
  • $77,500.00- 58 year old male suffered bilateral carpal/cubital tunnel syndrome. Under went multiple three surgeries
  • $75, 000.00- 30 year old male suffered a crush injury to right hand requiring surgery
  • $50,000.00 - 55 year old male bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Case open- 71 year old male suffered sever on the job injuries from a fall that left the client paralyzed from the neck down. Mr. Hart has convinced the insurance company to purchase a new van and home for the injured worker. This is in addition to the continuation of paying weekly income benefits and medical treatment

Personal Injury:

  • $460,000.00- Married couple purchased a home that was constructed without any Moisture barrier. Which resulted in water intrusion and mold. Settlement figure entailed the purchase back of the property by the builder as well as a lump sum cash payment for loss of use of the home and inconvenience that family suffered.
  • $460,000.00- 53 year old woman involved in automobile accident suffered a herniated disc injury in her low back requiring multiple back surgeries
  • $415,000.00 - 48 year old female pedestrian struck by an automobile in a crosswalk. Client suffered a broken fibula and tibia
  • $215,000.00- 34 year old male Delivery person was hit by a forklift while making delivering a shipment for his employer. Client suffered disc herniations at L3-L4and L5-S1
  • $150,000.00 - 43 year old male slipped in fell in a gas station while fueling his truck. Case was extremely difficult as the client could never identify what caused his fall
  • $90,000.00 - 40 year old female while shopping suffered a fracture to the top of her left foot when a store clerk accidentally dropped a dog house
  • $85,000.00- 14 year old tripped and fell on a crack on a tennis court of an apartment complex ,then falling on to a open crank handle that pierced her thigh and had to be surgically removed
  • $75,000.00- 55 year old male slipped and fell on a boat ramp as he and his wife were leaving a South Georgia island. Client suffered a severe knee injury that required surgical repair
  • $50,000.00- 35 year old male involved in a head on automobile collision suffered a broken nose required surgical repair

Mold Cases:

  • $365,000.00- Married couple purchased a new refrigerator from a retailer who failed to install the unit properly. Improper installation lead to flooding of the entire home which resulted in Mold.
  • $100,000.00- Married couple purchased a new home that was constructed without any moisture barrier. This resulted in water intrusion into the home as well as mold exposure.
  • $95,000.00- 27 year old male suffered adverse reaction to mold exposure from his apartment. Same mold from the apartment was found in his sinus. Client had to have rhinoplasty to resolve symptoms of the exposure.