Damages and Loss Due To Negligence

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm Assists Clients Who Have Suffered from Negligence

If you or a loved one is injured, or a loved one is killed, in the state of Georgia due to someone else's negligence, in order to determine settlements and awards in the aftermath of the accident, fault must be determined. In Georgia, those involved in an accident are assigned a percentage of responsibility. Sometimes, one party is found to be 100 percent at fault, but often, responsibility can be distributed among the parties, such as one being 80 percent responsible and the other 20 percent.

Once liability has been established, it will then be determined if the party named in the lawsuit has reached a level of fault in which damages cannot be recovered. Georgia negligence laws are based on the modified comparative fault, which is set at 50 percent.
Therefore, if your loved one was found to be 50 percent or more at fault for the accident, compensation will not be available. However, if he or she was 49 percent or less at fault, individuals and/or their family members may be entitled to file a claim to recover damages.

The amount of the damages that may be recovered then will depend on the percentage of fault, if any, was assigned to each party.

Georgia negligence laws play an important role in personal injury claims or wrongful death claims; our Atlanta personal injury lawyers at the Hart Law Firm can help sort through the facts of the case, assess your right to recover damages, and pursue legal recourse.

Damages and Losses

Once the state of Georgia's negligence laws have been factored into your claim, it will be decided what types of damages are recoverable. These are usually awarded according to economic losses and non-economic losses. Economic losses have a specific value, such as medical expenses, lost wages and potential future earnings. It can also include funeral and burial costs. Noneconomic losses don't have a specific value but do have "worth". They could include pain and suffering, mental anguish, the loss of parental guidance, and companionship.

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