Skilled Counsel for Families Grieving Deceased Georgia Workers

Accidentes de Trabajo con resultado de muerte

If you have recently lost a loved one in a fatal industrial accident or other catastrophic event on the job, you and other family members are undoubtedly coping with a host of overwhelming challenges and worries.

Although we at the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta recognize that money cannot heal the pain, we want to help you take advantage of all available benefits to overcome the financial impact and gain hope for the future. One important avenue to explore is the benefits you may be entitled to under Georgia workers' compensation laws.

Advocating for the Well-Being of Those Left Behind

Often, those left behind after an explosion, fall, death from chemical exposure, commercial driver accident or other fatal event can recover money for funeral expenses as well as lost income. This may also be true if your family member died from a work-related illness. Depending on specific circumstances, financial compensation may be available to you as a:

  • Widowed spouse — potentially up to age 65
  • Child of a parent killed on the job — with benefits continuing until age 18, or age 22 if you remain a full-time student
  • Parent of a worker who had been contributing to your financial support

Prompt Attention to Your Needs and Protection of Your Interests

A strict one-year statute of limitations, along with many specific and complex guidelines and requirements, applies to claims for workers' compensation death benefits. You can depend on experienced workers' compensation attorney Scott A. Hart for prompt action to:

  • Investigate your case and thoroughly explore your options under the law
  • Locate and assemble documents essential for filing your claim
  • Stay available and responsive to you throughout the sometimes challenging process of obtaining claim approval and getting the benefits you deserve paid in a timely fashion

Turn to Us for Strong, Relevant Experience and Compassionate Service

Mr. Hart has substantial experience helping family members obtain maximum workers' compensation ("workman's comp") benefits — essentially, benefits equal to what your loved one might have received if he or she had survived with a disability. Our lawyer and support team are dedicated to treating you with utmost care and sensitivity as we advocate for your security and future well-being.

Our work together can begin with a free consultation — and you will owe no attorney fees unless we take your case and succeed in getting benefits to you.