Slip and Falls

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta – Slip and Falls

When anyone suffers a personal injury, pain, lost wages, and family stress may seem more of a priority than securing strong legal assistance. Slip and fall accidents in the workplace can range from acute, catastrophic injuries to chronic, long-lasting pain. Hart Law has decades of experience helping victims receive the financial compensation that they need -— and deserve. Hart Law understands that suffering from a injury is a personal trauma, and our lawyers and associates take care to compassionately handle all of our clients' legal needs, letting them recover in peace. A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, anytime, and without warning. Be sure you have a personal injury lawyer with the experience to act quickly and efficiently.

Common Slip and Fall Claims

Employers have a legal duty to keep a safe environment for their workers. Hart Law wants to hear from you if you suffered a slip and fall injury because of any of the following reasons:

  • Lack of appropriate warning signs
  • Lack of handrails
  • Stairs are the wrong height or vary in height
  • Poorly placed or slippery rugs
  • Slippery substances on floor
  • Broken sidewalk or pathway
  • Snow/icy walkways

We strive to settle claims outside of court by effectively communicating your losses to insurance adjusters and responsible parties. Don't risk hiring an inexperienced attorney who is not familiar with traumatic injury claims and doesn't know how to efficiently guide you through the legal process. Hart Law focuses on helping victims of accidents. We take pride in defending the rights of the injured.

Contact Hart Law for Slip & Fall Claims

Hart Law understands the compensation that you need in order to rest and recuperate. Schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer from our firm. We are committed to helping with sensitive matters such as slip and falls, and other traumatic injuries. The associates at Hart Law strive to ensure that your right to pursue financial compensation is protected. If you're injured in the workplace, call us immediately at (770) 450-1209. Rest assured you have an experienced and determined lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases just like yours working to bring justice to you and your family.