Musculoskeletal Injuries

Atlanta Law Firm Helps Injured Workers File Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries — such as strains and sprains — are some of the most common types of work place injuries. You may be at higher risk of suffering from these types of personal injuries if you work in a cold environment, or need to use repetitive or awkward movements to complete tasks. Nevertheless, Hart Law helps protect the rights of injured workers. If you suffer a musculoskeletal injury on the job, you may be entitled to significant compensation for damages and losses. Don't wait to procure competent legal advice — find out what Hart Law in Atlanta can do for you.

Don't Wait Until Your Injury Has Irreversible Side Effects

As an experienced personal injury law firm, Hart Law knows that many people wait too long before filing a claim for their musculoskeletal injury. Often, strains, sprains, fractures, and other types of injuries can take months — even years — before their side effects set in. By this time, unfortunately, the damage may be irreversible, leaving you with:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Immobility in a joint
  • Chronic pain
  • Disfigurement

Don't take the chance. Georgia puts a cap on the amount of time you have to file personal injury claims, and our law firm wants to help you get the financial compensation and time off work that you need to fully recover from your accident.

Don't Work While You Are in Pain

Sometimes working through an injury is not what it needs to heal properly. If you slipped, tripped, jammed a finger, or suffered any other injury at work — no matter how small — get the help you deserve. Let the medical experts decide whether you have an injury and let Hart Law decide if you have a legitimate claim to file. We want to hear from you.

Contact Hart Law for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Hart Law understands you may need time and compensation to rest and recuperate. Schedule an appointment to speak with a lawyer from our firm. We are committed to helping with sensitive matters such as musculoskeletal and other personal injuries. The associates at Hart Law strive to ensure that your right to pursue financial compensation is protected. Call us immediately at (770) 450-1209. Rest assured you have an experienced and determined lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases just like yours, working with your best interests in mind.