Attorney for Injured Manufacturing Workers in Georgia

Lesionados Trabajadores Manufactureros

For people working as assemblers, machine operators, material handlers and general laborers, any serious work injury may seem catastrophic. Stresses can include not knowing how you can possibly work through the pain and concern that reporting your injury will endanger your job. Financial pressures may be intense almost immediately.

Almost everyone has some awareness of workers' compensation insurance, but few understand its benefits, limits and procedures prior to being hurt themselves. If you are a manufacturing worker who has been hurt in an industrial accident or otherwise on the job, please contact us for solid information on your rights and caring, action-oriented legal counsel.

Manufacturing Accidents — Injuries Incurred Over Time — Repetitive Stress

Attorney Scott A. Hart has been fighting to get maximum compensation for injured manufacturing workers since beginning his law practice in 1996. In that time, our legal team has handled workers' compensation claims and — where appropriate — "third party" personal injury actions against contractors, consultants, equipment suppliers and others responsible for manufacturing accidents and safety oversights. Our experience extends to:

  • Serious back and neck injuries resulting from lifting, twisting, or other job-essential activities
  • Repetitive use injuries such as cubital or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Torn rotator cuffs and other painful shoulder injuries that typically do not improve without surgery or extensive therapy
  • Transportation-related injuries involving commercial vehicles, forklifts and heavy equipment
  • Substantial "third party" claims against negligent parties other than your employer, such as equipment manufacturers, service contractors or safety consultants

Solid Counsel for Your Initial Claim or Representation After a Claim Denial

Whether you are intimidated by the idea of filing a Georgia workers' compensation claim or need a lawyer well prepared to contest a negative decision, you can turn to us with confidence in our:

  • Investigative skills, sometimes necessary to prove that your injury occurred at work
  • Extensive knowledge of Georgia workers' compensation procedures and personal injury laws relevant to manufacturing accidents and injuries
  • Focus on helping ensure you receive quality medical care for your workplace injury — and on building a compelling case for the seriousness of your condition

Our respected Atlanta law firm is easily accessible, near both I-75 and I-85. We have obtained positive results in workers' compensation and personal injury cases statewide and stand ready to help you — beginning with a free, no-risk consultation. You will owe no attorney fees unless we help you obtain compensation.