Action for People Injured in Nursing or Other Health Care Roles

If you work as a nurse, orderly, assistant or other direct care provider in any type of health care facility, you are no stranger to daily physical strain and hard work. In some situations, however, serious injuries occur and cannot be ignored. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and need to know your rights and legal options, contact us today at the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta.

Ready to Prove What Happened and Show Your Need for Compensation

Given the chaotic conditions and shared responsibilities that prevail in hospitals and other care facilities, some health care workers are concerned about "fault" being assigned for a nursing injury or other injury-causing accident. Under Georgia workers' compensation law, however, our need is to prove that your injury occurred at work and is severe enough to prevent you from working. Employer or co-worker negligence is not a factor.

Our attorney and dedicated support team are well prepared to evaluate your case involving a nursing or other health care injury such as:

  • A back injury or serious neck injury suffered while moving or repositioning patients, sometimes resulting in chronic pain
  • An injury due to a slip-and-fall on a wet or otherwise slippery surface
  • Injuries resulting from failed or misdirected injections
  • A head injury or other serious outcome from a collision with co-workers or patients
  • Shoulder, wrist or other injuries resulting either from a single event or repetitive use

Procedures Can Be Daunting, and Experienced Counsel Can Really Pay Off

Serving the Atlanta area and statewide Georgia for well over a decade, we are equipped to consult with you on your initial claim filing or to take on your case after a claim denial. We have successfully obtained continuations of benefits for people unable to return to work as soon as authorities believed they could.

Your physical recovery and personal well-being are always our priorities. We take nursing injuries and other on-the-job injuries seriously and analyze each case thoroughly in the effort to obtain compensation for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. For responsive legal help with your injury or illness claim, we encourage you to contact a lawyer with a clear focus and track record of success.