Respected Atlanta Area Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Have you suffered a workplace injury or developed an illness and disability resulting from performance of your job duties over time? Workers' compensation ("workman's comp") insurance is a primary means of support for many recovering and permanently disabled people, but it is common for employers to avoid telling victims about all their rights and to dispute valid claims.

Having workers' compensation coverage is very important, but you may need a dedicated, knowledgeable lawyer to help you navigate complex systems and get the benefits you deserve. If your valid claim has been denied or come into question, contact us now for a free consultation. We recommend getting us involved as early in the process as possible.

We prioritize caring service and an honest case evaluation, enabling us to explain your rights and work with you to prepare your case for a successful outcome. Attorney Scott A. Hart represents people across all types of professions and occupations, from auto workers, construction workers and tradespeople to nurses, administrative staff, truck drivers and manufacturing and warehouse workers.

Attentive Full Service Targeting Maximum Benefits for You

Our knowledge of your specific rights is built on over a decade of experience helping people:

  • Exercise their rights to disability income benefits and compensation for travel and other medical expenses
  • Successfully petition for a change of physician to improve care and the case
  • Obtain compensation for retraining and vocational rehabilitation

The Guidance You Need for Tough Decisions

Timing can be critical in many aspects of your Georgia workers' compensation claim and case. For example, deciding when and for how much to settle your case — in order to protect other benefits you may depend on and best position you for the future.

Our experience extends to helping family members impacted by a wrongful death at work. Whether your claim involves repetitive use injuries a fall or other job site accident, a potential personal injury action against a responsible party other than your employer, or other factors, we are prepared to address your case with energy and integrity. We welcome your call or e-mail anytime.