Personal Injury FAQ

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Many people who have been in car accidents are overwhelmed with decisions to make: you may be contacted by insurance agents, and dealing with physical pain. What you do and decide now can have a permanent effect on your and your family's future. Don't make these decisions alone: contact the skilled and compassionate personal injury attorneys at the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta, GA to make sure you are protected.

I have just been in a car accident. Who will pay for my medical bills?

If the other party is insured, their insurance company will be responsible. You also can go through your own insurance company and utilize the medical insurance you are covered by through either your employer or your personal insurance policy. Whatever course you take, you need the help of experienced Georgia personal injury attorneys at the Hart Law Firm to guide you to making the best decision.

If I was hit by a reckless driver, is there a guaranteed amount of money for my case?

Not necessarily. If the fault is uncontested, the value of a case is based on aspects in which a plaintiff can claim damages:

  • Past and future medical bill
  • Past lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and suffering

No specific strategy exists to determine the amount of money a case is worth. However, based on our years of experience, the knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury attorneys at the Hart Law Firm look over all your medical records, peruse all bills and assess the damages, which then allows them to come up with a range of value. Having the top-notch personal injury attorneys from the Hart Law Firm on your side can then get you compensation in court.

I am in the hospital due to injuries sustained in a car accident. An insurance company representative has come into my room and wants me to sign papers about receiving payment. Should I sign?

No. Contact the Georgia personal injury attorneys at Hart Law Firm immediately to make sure that you are protected, and to discover what the papers are for. Make sure you have our skilled and experienced Georgia legal counsel at your side so that we can advise you on what to do next

These a few of the questions that many people have after being in an automobile accident. For more answers, and the best in Atlanta legal counsel, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Hart Law Firm as soon as possible. We will help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at our Atlanta, GA office at (770) 450-1209.