Attorney for Victims of Accidents Involving DUI

Relentless Advocacy for Georgia Crash Victims and Their Families

Accidents caused by drunk and impaired drivers remain a major problem in the Atlanta metro and across Georgia despite all efforts to prevent them through increased DUI/DWI enforcement and media campaigns. At the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta, we understand the grief and anger you may feel as a victim or grieving family member. As your attorney, Scott A. Hart will move aggressively to identify the right legal action to take in pursuit of justice and all the compensation you deserve.

Please contact us today to tell Mr. Hart what happened and discuss legal options. Although the case against a drunk driver who caused an accident and serious injury may seem "open and shut," what happens for you may well depend on the skill and experience of the personal injury lawyer you choose.

Dependable Knowledge of Georgia Law, Insurance and Your Legal Options

Unfortunately, many drunk driver accidents result in extremely serious injuries or fatalities — due to excessive speed, reckless driving maneuvers and other factors. Another consideration is that many DWI offenders have no liability insurance or carry only minimal coverage. As a result, your case for obtaining badly needed compensation may require an attorney with:

  • The dedication to investigate every possible source of recovery for you — including whether parties who provided alcohol or over-served the driver who harmed you can be held liable under "dram shop" laws
  • Extensive knowledge of automobile insurance, including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and what constitutes bad faith if an insurer wrongfully denies or delays your claim
  • A solid, well-earned reputation as a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer

Benefit from a Free, No-Risk Consultation with a Proven Attorney who Cares

If a drunk or drugged driver has caused an accident and harmed you, we want you to have legal representation that is caring, trustworthy and determined From monitoring the quality of your medical care to holding those responsible fully accountable, we make achieving the most positive possible outcome for you a top priority. Please act now to get legal help that can make a difference for your future.