Pedestrian Accidents

Atlanta, GA Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Clients Who Have Suffered from a Pedestrian Accident

The trend to exercise outdoors continue to increase—spring, summer and fall and winter are all perfect times to be outside in the moderate Georgia climate. For a lot of people, the joy is also in the freedom of simply lacing up their sneakers, putting on their Ipod, and stepping onto the sunny sidewalk in order to reach their exercise goals.

But all too many people seem unaware of the dangers that lurk on the streets and sidewalks of Atlanta, and too many morning walks or evening runs turn into physically debilitating accidents. Whether you stumbled on broken pavement, fell due to an obstructed path, received an injury due to a lack of signage, or were hit by a car, van, SUV, motorcycle, or truck, you understand that an auto accident is more serious when the victim is on foot. Far too many Georgia residents are killed or gravely injured each year in completely avoidable pedestrian accidents. If you have suffered from a pedestrian accident in the state of Georgia, contact the Hart Law Firm for sound legal representation.

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Without an experienced Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney, it's too easy to make numerous mistakes and render your claim for damages null and void. For example:

  • You make statements to insurance company representatives or medical personnel that are held against you when you seek a settlement.
  • When the other motorist's insurance adjuster claims you must be evaluated by the insurance company's approved doctor in to receive your benefits, you feel you have to comply.
  • You send the adjuster your medical bills, thinking the insurance company will pay them, but actually you've just given them access to portions of your medical history.
  • You settle your case prematurely and an underlying injury surfaces ten years later, causing you significant, ongoing pain.
  • You settle for far less or demand too much money than the precedent dictates or law allows for your specific type of accident.

We can help you avoid all of this and get you the compensation you deserve. We know exactly what constitutes a fair settlement no matter the situation. Whether you've suffered bruises and scrapes or something more serious like concussion, brain and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, disfigurement, or dismemberment, we can and will help you.

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