Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Justice for Car Accident Victims

It is becoming more apparent each day that American drivers are distracted. People are using cell phones, text messaging, putting on make-up and eating while behind the wheel, and these distractions are causing the number of car accidents to skyrocket. Recent studies find that it is "driver inattention" that is causing the majority of automobile accidents, a fact that makes the prospect of driving a frightening one.

Injuries as a result of a car accident are serious and require time to recover

Automobile accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths in the state of Georgia every year. Even if you are lucky and escape death or serious injury, a serious automobile collision injury can totally change your life. You will have to deal with medical bills, potential lost wages, car repairs, and sometimes physical pain and emotional distress. You are going to need aggressive, skilled representation to ensure you will receive the justice and compensation you need to get your life back on track: the Atlanta, GA personal injury attorneys at the Hart Law Firm will work tirelessly to ,a href="/contact">recover your losses.

How to Fight Back

Call (770) 450-1209, the car accident and personal injury attorneys at Hart Law will fight for the maximum compensation.

After an automobile accident you will often end up fighting large insurance companies that have only one goal — to pay as little as possible. In our experience, we believe that insurance companies do not settle cases fairly until they see that you have an attorney who is experienced at litigation and fully able to meet them head-on in the courtroom. The Georgia car accident lawyers at the Hart Law Firm will do just that.

Car accident cases can be complicated, calling for complex investigation processes, evidence gathering techniques, and a thorough case evaluation, not to mention the close evaluation of your medical condition, if there is one. When measuring the losses experienced by an automobile accident victim, we will review all of the damage that has been done to you, including lost wages, future earnings, medical expenses, future medical care, pain and physical suffering, grief and mental suffering, loss of quality of life and any other potential damage claims. At the Hart Law Firm, our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys will fight for you to recover any and all losses and get you back the quality of life you deserve. Our reputation as a personal injury law firm you can trust is well-deserved.

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