Workers' Compensation Denied Claim Appeals Attorney

Denegado Reclamo de Compensación para Trabajadores

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Scott Hart Appeal Denied Claims for his clients

Dealing with a workplace injury can be an overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to deal with the physical and mental stress of being injured, but there are the accompanying fears: will I be able to pay my bills; how will I pay for the medical bills; is there any way to make up for my wages lost while out of commission; will I ever get back to work? Luckily, workers’ compensation insurance exists for just this reason, but unluckily, it isn’t always easy to get a claim approved. If your claim has been denied, it is vital that you contact an experienced workers’ comp attorney as soon as possible to help you get that claim approved. At the Hart Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, Attorney Scott Hart, can help you with your denied workers’ compensation claim to get you the benefits and care you deserve.

Attorney Hart Helps Georgia Workers Injured On the Job Fight for Their Due

There are a number of reasons a denial of your workers’ compensation claim may have happened: sometimes something as small as a paperwork error, or a delay in filing, can result in a denial. There is a proper way to go about filing a claim, as well as fighting a claim, and only with the help of a skilled and experienced Atlanta, GA workers’ compensation attorney can you ensure that this time, your claim will go through.
Having a knowledgeable, reputable attorney like Atlanta area workers’ comp lawyer Scott Hart can go a long way to making your claim a strong one. The workers’ comp insurance lawyers are quick to dismiss many injuries, and can assume a number of things, such as:

  • Your injuries won’t actually prevent you from working
  • Your injuries aren’t related to the actual work accident
  • You weren’t involved in a workplace accident, or weren’t on the employer’s premises
  • You were engaged in “willful misconduct” —such as substance use or drinking and driving

Denied Claims require an Experienced Workers' Compensation Law Attorney

Whatever reason the insurance company gave you to justify their denial, workers’ compensation attorney Scott Hart will put together a case that effectively and persuasively demonstrates your entitlement to workers’ comp. From the minute you contact him, he will begin constructing a case that better informs the insurance company as to your need, investigating the circumstances, and collecting the evidence he knows will carry in court.

Contact Atlanta, GA workers’ compensation attorney Scott Hart at (770) 450-1209 to begin fighting your workers’ compensation denial today.